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                          Payment Options

Clients are required to pay the full amount at checkout to book and reserve their picnic experience. 

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

Picnic Crush does not offer refunds for cancelations. If the client needs to reschedule, they must contact me 5 days prior to the event date. The client must reschedule their picnic within three months of the original picnic date.

Damages & Lost Items

We will charge a replacement fee for any lost, damaged, or stained items.

Weather Policy

We understand that no-one can control Mother Nature. If there's any rain on your picnic day, it will be reschedule for another day that calendar year. 

How Does It Works

All you need to do is show up at your scheduled time.

Picnic Crush will set up your lovely picnic before your arrival and once your picnic is over, Picnic Crush
will clean up, breakdowns the picnic and ensure you had a great time.

Running Late or Leaving Early

We understand that thing happens, and we ask that you to communicate with us when you're running late or if you want to leave early. If you're running late, your picnic will end at its schedule time.

If you choose to leave early, contact us 30 minutes before your departure via phone call. We ask that you don't leave our items unattended during your picnic and allow us time to return to pack our belongings. 

Food & Beverages

Picnic Crush do not provide any food or drinks. Therefore, you are welcome to bring food and snacks to your picnic. Picnic Crush do not provide alcohol and will not be held responsible for those that bring alcohol to the event including and not limited to fines/tickets/etc that is issued to you.

Adding Additional Guest for Booking

If you want to add additional guest to your picnic, please select the "per guest" within the add on section when booking. 
For example: If you want 2 additional guests. You must select two of the per guest from the add on
We plan on adding large groups in the future. Stay Tune

Please send us an email if you have any additional questions about booking or our services 

Color Themes

Please note that our setups may vary in design. In regards to small table decor or charger plates.

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