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           Host your own Picnic Crush X Brunch in the privacy of your backyard!

Enjoy an all inclusive picnic brunch experience in your backyard. This package includes a luxury picnic for 4 to 12 people. Your luxury picnic will include a picnic setup with tableware/floor seating, mini champagne wall with flute glasses, small decor teepee, and giant connect four.

After booking your luxury picnic setup, you will be able to book your brunch menu with Kaetered for the "Picnic Brunch Experience".

IMG_6385 2.HEIC

Signature brunch menu by "Kaetered"

We will be partnering with Kaetered catering services for the signature brunch menu. Check out the brunch signature menus. 

How to book Picnic Brunch Experience 

Step 1: Fill out the booking form and submit it to Picnic Crush to secure your Picnic Brunch Experience. You will receive an invoice within 24-48 hours to make the first payment, which is required to reserve your luxury picnic setup. 

Step 2: Once you have made the first payment for the luxury picnic experience, you will receive an email allowing you to book your catered brunch menu for "Kaetered". The second payment is necessary to secure your catered meals for brunch. See menu:

Step 3: Your Picnic Brunch Experience will be confirmed only when both "Picnic Crush" and "Kaetered" catering services receive full payment. Both payments for "Picnic Crush" and "Katered"catering services must be made on the same day to finalize the booking of your experience.

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